GIFT AID goods

GIFT AID goods to found


found is registered with the government to operate a retail Gift Aid scheme to sell goods on behalf of donors who pay tax. To maximise the amount that is raised, we act as your “agent” to sell goods on your behalf if you agree to give the sale proceeds to found as a Gift Aid donation.

It takes two minutes to register for the scheme when you are next in found. You will be asked to make a Gift Aid declaration when you “sign up” for the scheme, before your goods are sold. If you want to fill in the form before you come to found please download and complete the Gift Aid Registration & Agency Agreement Form.

Once we receive your form you will be given a unique ID and all you have to do next every time you make a donation is tell us your name or number and we will print out labels to stick on your donations in our “quick drop” area.

Thank you.  Every donation is really important to found and our ability to meet our AIMS.

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