AIMS of found

Our mission is to be welcoming and generous in serving our local community; inspiring everyone to flourish, enhancing education,       relieving poverty and helping with life’s issues  — all through the love of Jesus.

As a local charity we are passionate about serving those in need, through the relief of poverty and education.  In order to make sure that our beneficiaries get help when they need it most, found supports individual households and local charities working with the homeless, the hungry and those in debt including:


We actively support individuals and charities to build up our local community by providing volunteering opportunities for developing workplace skills to enable young people to enter the workplace and lifelong learning:


A sense of wellbeing is essential to everyone and part of our aim is to give time and space to discover and explore issues of life and faith.  We provide a listening ear and/or prayer for those needing help with challenging life issues and we also support the Harrow Churches schools link:regen


so much more than a charity shop